Which specialty pharmacies have Otezla®  (apremilast)?

Otezla can be obtained through any pharmacy, including specialty pharmacies

This table includes contact information for specialty pharmacies that provide Otezla. Specialty pharmacies may furnish patient support by providing:

  • Guidance to patients whose insurance programs cover Otezla® and to those who lack health insurance
  • Suggestions and service to stay on track with medications
  • Assistance locating copay assistance programs and other financial support, such as Otezla SupportPlus™ and the Otezla Bridge Program

You may send an Otezla prescription to one of these specialty pharmacies or to a pharmacy of your choice that is not listed here.

Locate a Specialty Pharmacy That Provides Otezla

Insurance Coverage for Otezla

This table lists the insurance companies that currently cover Otezla. Amgen Inc. continually works to expand the number of insurance companies that cover the cost of Otezla. If a patient’s health plan isn’t on the list, please contact Amgen Inc. to inquire if additional plans have recently been added.

Find Healthcare Plans That Cover Otezla

Indications & Important Safety Information

Please click here for Full Prescribing Information.

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The FDA approves a new indication for Otezla® (apremilast) Learn more about this treatment option for your patients